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The future of Twitter for news publishers

While Twitter’s board unanimously recommended Elon Musk’s buyout offer for the social media platform, shareholders will still have their say, as will U.S. government regulators. But what might this mean for news publishers?

Indeed, Musk himself is projecting optimism on the very platform he intends to buy:

from April 25, 2022.

At Today in News Tech, we have used the term “town square,” to refer to the traditional role of local newspapers, along with the projection of this role into the digital domain through websites, mobile apps, etc.

If a ‘digital town square’ is indeed part of Twitter’s future, local newspapers can leverage this to amplify their own ‘town square’ role.

This is already reflected as show in our recent coverage of journalists’ usage of social media: 77% of a survey of 2,500 journalists named Twitter as most valuable social network.

The deal, if given approval, should be completed this year, and while nothing “official,” there are a few clues:

  • In particular the line “authenticating all humans,” seems to refer to a previous series of tweets about Twitter’s paid tier, ‘Twitter Blue,” and how a paid subscription would be required for the coveted checkmark symbol of authenticity.
  • Additionally a new edit option on tweets has been hinted at by Twitter officially, and Musk, by Twitter poll. The implementation of such a feature has raised questions, including the availability of tweet histories for verification of past posts.

Trust, transparency and verification have long been staples of journalistic practice, however what does a financial gate mean for publishers? Is the value of the Twitter audience and a stamp-of-authenticity enough to drive subscriptions and revenue to the platform?

At Our-Hometown we recommend a broad and diverse social media strategy. To that end our engineering team has developed Social Media Autopost.

This tool gives news publishers complete control over when, where, and how their content is presented across all social media channels.

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