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Solutions through collaboration for Delaware journalists

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In this episode we look at a new collaborative venture at the Local Journalism Initiative of Delaware aimed at strengthening engagement and addressing community polarization.

The Delaware Journalism Collaborative was formed with assistance from the Solutions Journalism Network to answer the question:

“What would happen if local news outlets pooled their resources, worked together to help the community understand important local challenges, and began leading conversations about addressing those problems?”

Here are the main takeaways:

  • The Collaborative will report on and engage communities throughout Delaware on issues of racial, political, geographic and other types of polarization that divide us and advance solutions for how we can work together more effectively.
  • During 2022-2024, the Collaborative partners will do in-depth journalism to report on the selected challenge and possible solutions, arming the community with nonpartisan, independent data, information and ideas.
  • Throughout the two-year project, the Collaborative will bring together community leaders – public officials, activists, philanthropists, faith leaders and others who care about Delaware – for community conversations about how Delaware can effectively address the challenges examined by the Collaborative.

We will continue to cover how local news publishers are responding to the ever-evolving media landscape, including similar partnerships with non-profits, state press associations, and community organizations.

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