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Daily News Podcasts account for 10% of overall downloads

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In this episode Matt looks at coverage by Nieman Lab and the Reuters Institute on trends in daily news podcast numbers.

From the Reuters Institute, “Daily news podcasts: building new habits in the shadow of coronavirus”:

This report focuses on the phenomenon of daily news podcasts, one of the fastest growing areas of media consumption and a format that has been a lifeline for many people during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. For publishers like the New York Times (The Daily) and the Guardian (Today in Focus) these on-demand audio briefings are now attracting large daily audiences, building habit and loyalty for their brands, and driving significant revenue too. Elsewhere the daily podcast scene is more nascent, though more European public broadcasters and commercial publishers have been embracing them in the last year.

The article, “Daily news podcasts are ‘punching well above their weight with audiences,” finding that:

Some daily news podcasts are reaching more people than traditional print or TV. The New York Times says The Daily now averages four million downloads per day, up from two million just a year ago.

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